Banach空间几何理论及其应用研讨会(Theory of Banach Spaces and Related Topics)

2018-6-29 10:45:41 2129

Synopsis and Organizers

Banach space theory is the main theme of this proposal. This theory has a long history going back to the pioneering works by Stefan Banach in the 1930s. It is well-known nowadays that Banach space theory is intimately related with many other fields such as: quantum information theory, theoretical physics, geometric theory of groups and noncommutative geometry. Some key results in the last ten years were obtained through sporadic explorations of interactions between quantized theories. It would be appropriate to fully investigate and develop these links. Another major theme of the workshop is the non-linear theory of Banach spaces. Though classical, this research direction is also living a remarkable period of new developments because of its recent fruitful interplay with geometrical group theory, noncommutative geometry and theoretical information. This workshop will explore new studies across a wide spectrum of fields at the frontiers in Banach space theory, establish a state of art of these fields, and identify open problems and new directions for future research.


Shangquan BuTsinghua University, China
Lixin ChengXiamen University, China
Quanhua XuUniversity of Franche-Comté, France