General Information


1. About payment

We accept cash (RMB), credit card (only Union Pay card), transfer, Alipay / WeChat scan code payment, and no currency exchange at the front desk. There is no ATM in the center. If necessary, we highly recommend you to withdraw money from the airport or the banks.


2. What should I do in case of emergency?

Try to contact one of the staff members and call the following numbers. Dial 80000 or 80001 at your room directly. If you are outside of the center, please dial 0898-38882828 for assistance.

Dial a leading 86 for all outgoing calls, when using your own cell phone, start with the area code + 86 0898.

Police 110

Fire Fighters 119

Emergency Ambulance 120

Nearby Hospital: The third people’s Hospital of Hainan Province

 0898-88290120, 0898-88291120


Accommodation, Traveling, Arrival, Departure


1. When do I have to check-in and check-out?

Check-In is on Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 24:00 p.m. at the front desk in TSIMF. Those arriving earlier or later should inform us ahead, so that we could reserve a room or pick-up for you.

Check-Out is on Friday afternoon or Saturday. You should leave your room card the front desk so we could arrange a send-off car for you. Since our staff needs to prepare the rooms for the next Workshop we would appreciate if you leave your room on Saturday after breakfast. Check the departure time of your taxi reservation list at the front desk next to the entrance of the dining hall. The arranged taxi schedule will be displayed in the reception room.


2. How do I get to the airport or train station?

Airplane-There is only one airport in Sanya, which is Phoenix International Airport (3.5km to TSIMF)三亚凤凰国际机场.

Trains-Sanya train station三亚站(12km to TSIMF, Fenghuang station凤凰站(3.5km to TSIMF),we highly recommend you to take the Fenghuang station. If you need a pick-up, please inform us beforehand.


3. Can I take a taxi to TSIMF?

Yes ,you can use Wechat platform “DIDI TAXI 滴滴打车”to order a taxi to”Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematics Forum清华三亚国际数学论坛” or go to the reception room for help.

Furthermore, we provide shuttle bus from 9:00am to 11:30am; 18:30pm to 21:00pm through Monday to Thursday during conference period.

 For Chinese citizens, you can scan a QR code to rent an electricity car, which you can find next to the entrance of TSIMF or at airport as well.


4. Can I prolong my stay for the weekend?

It is not foreseen for the guests of our week-long activities to stay over the weekend as we need our rooms for the upcoming workshop starting on Sunday. If you like to stay longer, our staff members will gladly assist in booking a suitable hotel room.


5. Do I get my travel costs reimbursed?

In general the travel expenses have to be covered by the guest's home departments. If you need a reimbursement, please go to front desk for details.


6. I have heavy luggage!

Our hotel buildings have 1-5 floors and are not equipped with an elevator, if you feel that this could be a physical challenge to you, please advise us and we will be happy to accommodate you on a lower floor. Note that passenger elevators in the conference building are provided.


Accommodation and Amenities


1. Can I lock my valuables somewhere?

There are safes in the rooms. If you are living in the guest room you need to choose your own code. If you need any help, please ask at the front desk for assistance.


2. How often will the towels be changed?

 Based on your needs. Please hang a clean-up sigh at the door if you need to change anything.


3. Are there facilities for handicapped persons?

We have two rooms with easy access situated in the guest room C3-102 and C3-103. The conference building is equipped with passenger elevators.


4. Can I take children and babies to TSIMF?

Children Under 12 years old are not allowed to stay here.


5. Can I wash my clothes at the Institute?

You can use our laundry facilities for free. It is located in B2-102, next to the convenience store. The laundry is open for 24 hours. Please note scan your room card to access.


6. What should I do if I lose my room card?

Please go to the front desk for assistance. You can also dial 80000 or 80001 by mobile phone on the wall at the hotel buildings for free.




1. Where and how do I get my meals?

Meals are served in the dining hall, which is situated in B1 building.

What are the mealtimes at TSIMF?

Breakfast (buffet) 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.

Lunch (buffet) 12:00 p.m. - 13:00 p.m.

Dinner (buffet) 17:30 p.m. - 18:30 p.m.

Please clear the tables after the meals and put the tableware back on the service trolleys.


2. Do we have some snacks during tea break?

Coffee, boiled water, tea and desserts are served daily during tea break from 10:30a.m.; 15:00p.m to 15:30p.m. In addition, fresh local fruits, additional snacks and sweets are provided during tea break. (except for Wednesday afternoons, when the excursion takes place) from 1:30 p.m. to 17:00p.m.

Please note: Do not bring coffee or beverages inside the conference room.


3. Can I request special meals if I have dietary restrictions?

Our staff is highly engaged to consider different diets. However, due to limited personal resources this is only possible within a certain scope. Please inform us prior to your stay on your dietary restrictions, one weeks ahead at the latest. You may choose one of these five categories, meals are partly served as buffet.

If you would like to bring any of your own food items, you are welcome to label them and store them in one of the refrigerators in the dining hall.

Standard: Meals may include all kinds of vegetable and animal products.

Vegetarian: Meals exclude meat, fish, and seafood. Eggs and milk products may be included.

Vegetarian: Meals exclude all sorts of animal products.

Please inform us as well, if you have any specific allergies to individual foods and we can try to find a solution for you. Kindly note, that all meals are prepared with utmost care, to the best of our knowledge and based on information from our suppliers. Therefore, we assume no liability concerning traces of undeclared substances.


4. What other options do I have?

We kindly ask for your understanding, that our kitchen’s capacities are limited in offering more individual diets. In particular, it is hardly possible to consider individual preferences for or reluctances against specific foods. In order to meet as many tastes as possible, the composition of the meals varies daily. Convenience store can be found in TSIMF.


5. Which drinks are offered?

Tea and coffee are available for free and can be obtained any time in the conference building, the dining hall and reception room as well.

There is a fringe with a variety of other beverages (beer and wine) are available at the cost price in the western restaurant. Please leave the respective amount in the cash box.


6. Do I have to tell you if I do not appear for meals?

Yes, please tell us in advance (at the front desk) or dial the customer service number at your room to inform us.


About conference


1. When does the Workshop/Seminar start?

The lectures usually start on Monday morning after breakfast. The detailed program is decided by the organizers during the week.


2. Where is the conference room?

It is situated in the conference building. We have all sort of conference rooms (i.e. Workshops, Mini-Workshops, and Seminars), all of them are equipped with generous blackboards, projectors, and microphones.


3. How can I apply a workshop?

Please visit our website for details or email us at


Computer and Internet


1. Is there wireless network? Is there internet in my room?

There is wireless network in the rooms and in large parts of the public areas.

WIFI:TSIMF (no password required, is available in all areas of TSIMF)


2. Where can I make a phone call?

You will find mobile phone in your room, hotel buildings, conference and library building. For the international calls, please go to the reception desk for assistance.

A.     Front Desk outside line:0898-38882828; Internal Line:80000 or 80001

B.      Room to room (building C=6; building D=8)

Building C1, dial 6+buiding number +room number; e.g.C1201.dial 61201 directly.

Building D2, dial 8+ building number +room number, e.g. D2-201, please dial 82201.


3. Where are the computers? Where can I send e-mails?

The computers are loosely distributed throughout the conference and library rooms and in the reception room as well. All lecture rooms are equipped with laptop, wireless mouse, laser pointer for reporters.


4. Can I use a data projector for my presentation?

We offer a variety of technical devices including a video conferencing system. They are either present in the lecture halls or can be borrowed in the IT office. Just let us know.

Note that projectors with HDMI, VGA, DP, Type-C are available in the conference rooms.


5. Where can I print, scan or fax?

There are several facilities for printing, scanning and copying, the main ones being in a conference affairs room (A104) and reception room.


6. Do you have special mathematical software installed?

Our laptop is Win10 system. It is best accessed through the Institute’s computers. For any IT issues, please let us know, the technical staff will help you to solve the problems.


7. Can I use a projector for my presentation?

Yes, we have projectors in each of the conference rooms, it will be ready half hour ahead of the conference. If you need further help, please consult us in the conference affairs room (A-104).


8. I am technically lost!

If you need further help, please consult the IT staff in the conference affairs room (A-104).




1. What sports can I do at the Institute?

Inside activities: Fitness room, ping-pong, table football, billiards.

Opening hour: 07:00am-23:00pm. Note that scan your room card to enter.

Outside activities: basketball court, badminton court.

Swimming pool (38*13 meters

opening hour: 17:00pm-22:00pm

You can borrow table tennis balls, basketballs and badminton rackets at the front desk.

The Math Trail is 402 meters long and was completed in December 2018. The trail is composed of three different sections: colored road, trestles, and a brick portion. Various tropical fruits, trees and flowers are planted on both sides of the trail. Standing on the trail, you can see Sanya Bay and Phoenix Island and the original ecological tropical jungle and fruit plantations.


2. Any places to read books?

The library is situated in the conference building A on the second floor. There are two reading rooms: Foreign languages reading room (A-202) and Chinese reading room (A-220). The library can automatically return books without being on duty with an RFID intelligent library management system.

We have a special collection of Fields Medalists as a permanent treasure of the library, for the benefit of mathematical researchers and readers. They are on display in the reading room A220; you are welcome to have a look.

Opening hour: 07:00am-22:00pm


3. Where can I go for excursion?

Usually on Wednesday afternoon there is an excursion. There are some renowned spots nearby here.For instance: West Island (5km), Ultima Thule (6.4km).For other excursions please consult the information desk in the reception room or visit the website In the reception room there are some maps to borrow.


Other questions


1. Safety Issues

A: For your safety, please lock the door well while you are asleep.

B: No smoking in the public area.

C: No climbing and lying in front of the conference and library building (stability and injury risk). The Institute will not be liable for any injuries or accidents.

D: We recommend you leave your valuables in a safe at your room.


2. Can you provide socket adapters for my electronic devices?

We offer a variety of adapters at the front desk to borrow. Please note that in China a voltage of 220 V, 50Hz is used.


3. How can I post or mail a letter?

You can find post cards, stamps and envelopes at the front desk.


4. Is there a shop nearby?

Convenience store can be found in TSIMF. A small selection of goods (soap, tooth paste, shaving kit, swimsuits, cigarettes, beverages and snacks, etc.). Please note, smoking is not allowed inside the Institute buildings.


5. I have some suggestions, where can I leave them?

A: You can leave your suggestions, wishes, remarks and any type of feedback at your room or at the front desk.

B: You can leave your suggestions, wishes, remarks and any type of feedback at conference affairs room (A-104)

C: You can leave your suggestions, wishes, remarks and any type of feedback in the library to place suggestions for books.