Master Lectures -Martin Hairer

2019-12-16 ~ 2019-12-20 708


Martin Hairer/ Xue-Mei Li

Martin Hairer

Imperial College London

 Lecture 1:

Title: Geometric stochastic PDEs

Abstract: We review Parisi and Wu's stochastic quantisation procedure and apply it to

the non-linear sigma model as well as the Yang-Mills model. We then review

a number of recent results on the resulting equations.


Lecture 2:

Title: Introduction to regularity structures 1

Abstract: TBD


Lecture 3:

Title: Introduction to regularity structures 2

Abstract: In these two lectures, we give an introduction to the main concepts behind the

theory of regularity structures which allows to give meaning to many stochastic

PDEs that were previously thought to be ill-posed.