Frontier of Analysis and Geometry of Teichmuller Spaces

2020-01-06 ~ 2020-01-10 3886

Synopsis and Organizers 

Dates: 6-10 January 2020

Teichmuller theory lies in the intersection of many mathematical fields, such as complex analysis, algebraic geometry, hyperbolic geometry, representation theory and geometric analysis. The studies of Teichmuller spaces and various generalizations have generated tremendous amount of beautiful mathematics. In recent years, many researchers from different backgrounds and viewpoints developed new branches of these vastly active fields of studies. The aim of this workshop is to bring together mathematicians from China and mathematicians from overseas working in different areas of Teichmuller theory to present their research works, to broaden their fields, and to forge new collaboration.


Name University
Robert Hardt Rice University
Zheng Huang City University of New York
Lizhen Ji University of Michigan
Qiongling Li Chern Institute, Nankai University
Yunhui Wu Tsinghua University


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