International Frontiers of Algorithmics

2019-04-29 ~ 2019-05-03 1903

Synopsis and Organizers 


Dates: 29 April-3 May 2019


The Workshop will provide a focused forum on current trends of  research on algorithms, discrete structures, and their applications, and will  bring together international experts at the research frontiers in these areas to  exchange ideas and to present significant new results.

The mission of the Workshop is to stimulate  the various fields for which algorithmics can become a crucial enabler, and to  strengthen the ties between the Eastern and Western research communities of  algorithmics and applications.

Interesting new results in all areas of  algorithmics, operation research and combinatorial optimization and their  applications are welcome. In addition to theoretical work, we are also  interested in results that report on experimental and applied research of  general algorithmic interest. Special considerations will be given to  algorithmic research that is motivated by real-world applications.



Andrew Yao, Tsinghua University 

John Hopcroft, Cornel University

Jianer Chen, Guangzhou University

Yijia Chen, Fudan University

Jian Li, Tsinghua University

 Mei Lu, Tsinghua University

Xiaotie Deng, Peking University

Huimin Lin, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Wei Li, Beihang University




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