Black Holes and Holography Workshop

2019-01-07 ~ 2019-01-11 2318

Synopsis and Organizers

Dates: 7-11 January 2019

String theory is a consistent mathematical framework for quantum gravity, a deep question in both fundamental physics and mathematics. One of the main achievements of the past two decades has been the discovery of holographic dualities connecting string theories to quantum field theories without gravity. Although a rigorous mathematical proof is still lacking, applications of holography to various problems in nuclear, condensed matter, and gravitational physics have been fruitful and informative. Black holes play a fundamental role in this story as thought experiments involving black holes have shaped our understanding of both gravity and holography. The recent discovery of gravitational waves from black hole mergers makes fundamental aspects of black hole physics particularly relevant today.

This workshop will focus on the interplay between black holes and holography, and in particular in new developments in black hole physics. The topics to be covered in this workshop include: the information paradox, the reconstruction of spacetime and the black hole interior, quantum chaos, and asymptotic symmetries.


Name University
Song Wei YMSC, Tsinghua University
Rak-Kyeong Seong YMSC, Tsinghua University
Wen Qiang YMSC, Tsinghua University
Luis Apolo YMSC, Tsinghua University
Erik Curiel Harvard, LMU Munich
Chen Bin Peking University

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