Mathematics and Statistics in Medical Imaging Applications

Xiaotong Shen (University of Minnesota, USA), Tingting Zhang (University of Virginia, USA), Hongtu Zhu (UNC-Chapel Hill, USA)

2016-12-26 ~ 2016-12-30

Analysis on Fractals and Graphs Workshop

This workshop will mainly deal with two trends in fractal geometry. 1. Interactions between fractals and other mathematical disciplines. One is the analysis on fractals and graphs: in ......

2016-12-26 ~ 2016-12-30

Mathematics Biophysics and Molecular Biosciences

Benzhuo Lu (Institute of Computational Mathematics, CAS), Guowei Wei (Michigan State University, USA)

2016-12-19 ~ 2016-12-23

Many-body Entanglement and Strongly Correlated Phenomena

Xie Chen、Xiao-Gang Wen、Hong Yao、Bei Zeng、Hui Zhai

2016-12-13 ~ 2016-12-17

Mathematical Modelling and Computation in Medicine/Biology

Huaxiong Huang (Fields Institute & York University, Canada)、Siv Sivaloganathan (Fields Institute & University of Waterloo, Canada)、Yau-Shu Wong (University of Alberta, Canada)、Liqun Cao (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

2016-12-12 ~ 2016-12-16

Harmonic Analysis on Lie Groups and Group Algebras of Locally Compact Groups

Jing-Song Huang、Anthony To-Ming Lau、Chi-Keung Ng、Genkai Zhang

2016-12-05 ~ 2016-12-09

Mathematical Analysis of Mathematical Analysis and Applications

Yunqing Huang 、Jichun Li、Peter Monk

2016-12-05 ~ 2016-12-09

Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics

Thomas Bartsch、Chang-Shou Lin、Gabriella Tarantello、Shusen Yan

2016-12-05 ~ 2016-12-09

The Second Sino-French Conference in Arithmetic Geometry

Keqin Feng(Honorary Co-Chair) 、Jean-Marc Fontaine(Honorary Co-Chair)、David Harari、Yi Ouyang、Peng Shan、Fei Xu

2016-11-07 ~ 2016-11-11

International Conference on Spherical Varieties

Spherical varieties form a remarkable class of algebraic varieties equipped with an action of an algebraic group having an open dense orbit. This class contains those of toric varieties, flag varieties, and symmetric spaces, and is stable under natural operations such as equivariant modifications and degenerations.

2016-11-07 ~ 2017-11-11

Workshop on Spherical Varieties

Michel Brion (niversité Joseph Fourier, France), Baohua Fu (AMSS, Chinese Academy of Science)

2016-10-31 ~ 2016-11-04

Fourier Analysis and Applications

Zengjian Lou (Shantou University, China) , Guozhen Lu (Wayne State University, USA)

2016-08-15 ~ 2016-08-19

Discrete Integrable Systems Workshop-2016

Nalini Joshi (Sydney University, Australia) , Dajun Zhang(Shanghai University, China)

2016-04-11 ~ 2016-04-15

Complexity of Quantum Information and Computation

Xianqing Li-Jost (Max-Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Germany) ,Shaoming Fei (Capital Normal University, China)

2016-03-28 ~ 2016-04-01

Workshop on Algebraic Lie Theory and Symplectic Geometry

Bangming Deng Tsinghua University Peng Shan CNRS-Université Paris-Sud Zhiwei Yun Stanford University Xinwen Zhu California Institute of Technology

2016-03-21 ~ 2016-03-25

Structured Matrix Computations with Applications

Organizers:Zhong-Zhi Bai, Raymond H. Chan , Marco Donatelli , Jianlin Xia

2016-03-14 ~ 2016-03-18

Mathematics Texts in East Asia Mathematics History,March,11-15, 2016

Tsukane Ogawa(Yokkaichi University/Seki Kowa Institute of Mathematics, Japan;Yokkaichi University, 1200 Kayo, Yokkaichi, Mie, 512-8512 Japan),Lisheng Feng(Institute for History of Science and Technology & Ancient Texts,Tsinghua University, Beijing, China 100084)

2016-03-11 ~ 2016-03-15

Young Geometric Analysts' Forum 2016

2016-01-18 ~ 2016-01-22

Conference on Algebraic Number Theory

Conference on Algebraic Number Theory

2016-01-18 ~ 2016-01-22

Symposium of Sanya School in Complex Analysis and Geometry

John Eric (Fornaess NTNU, Norway ), Franc Forstneric (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia ),Siqi Fu (Rutgers University, Camden)

2016-01-16 ~ 2016-01-20

Winter School of Sanya School in Complex Analysis and Geometry

John Eric Fornaess (NTNU, Norway), Franc Forstneric (University of Ljubljana), Slovenia, Siqi Fu (Rutgers University, Camden)

2016-01-11 ~ 2016-01-14

Workshop on Numerical Methods of Nonlinear Problems

Susanne C. Brenner( Louisiana State University ), Yuesheng Xu (Sun Yat-sen University ) ,Zhimin Zhang (Beijing Computational Science Research Center and Wayne State University, USA)

2016-01-11 ~ 2016-01-15

Workshop on Teichmüller Theory and Low-Dimensional Topology

Ken’ichi Ohshika (Osaka University),Athenase Papadopoulso (Universté de Strasbourg),Ser Peow Tan (National University of Singapore),Weixu Su (Fudan University)

2016-01-11 ~ 2016-01-15

Conference in Mathematical General Relativity 2016

Lydia Bieri、Shiu-Yuen Cheng、David Garfinkle、James Isenberg、Shing-Tung Yau

2016-01-05 ~ 2016-01-09

Computational Seismology 2016

Computational Seismology is the quantitative study of elastic wave propagation in the earth, giving understandings to many geological phenomena such as earthquakes. There are still many challenges in the numerical computations of direct and inverse problems related to elastic waves. In particular, the direct simulations of elastic waves require significant amount of computational power. It is therefore necessary to develop more advanced algorithms.

2016-01-04 ~ 2016-01-08