Big Data: Opportunities, Challenges and Innovations

In recent years, Big Data have become a hot topic in every corner of the society, ranging from government affairs to daily life of ordinary people, from dinner conversations to news reports, and from industry to academia.

2014-12-27 ~ 2014-12-30

The 16th International Conference on Representations of Algebras

Representation theory of algebras can trace its history back to the work of Hamilton who discovered the famous algebra of quaternions and Cayley who developed matrix theory. By acquiring ideas and methods from other ......

2014-08-20 ~ 2014-08-23

Numerical Ranges and Applications Workshop

From the "Rayleigh quotients" used in 19th century Sturm-Liouville theory to the present-day applications in QIT (quantum information theory), the study of numerical ranges and numerical radii has a long and distinguished ......

2014-07-28 ~ 2014-08-01

Structured Preconditioning and Iterative Methods with Applications Workshop

Zhong-Zhi Bai Chinese Academy of Sciences Raymond Honfu Chan the Chinese University of Hong Kong Michael Kwok-Po Ng Hong Kong Baptist University

2014-05-12 ~ 2014-05-16

Geometric Mechanics Workshop 2014

Geometric mechanics has matured to a main subject at the interface between several areas such as symplectic, Poisson, and Dirac geometry, dynamical systems, variational calculus, theoretical physics, numerical analysis, control theory, and various areas of engineering science.

2014-03-10 ~ 2014-03-14