Big Data: Opportunities, Challenges and Innovations

2014-12-27 ~ 2014-12-30 1315

Synopsis and Organizers

Big Data: Opportunities, Challenges and Innovations

In recent years, Big Data have become a hot topic in every corner of the society, ranging from government affairs to daily life of ordinary people, from dinner conversations to news reports, and from industry to academia. The philosophy and ideas of collecting and using a huge amount of data to learn and to predict have had a great impact on how we shape the information technology and how we think about artificial intelligence, deeply changing many aspects of our lives. However, although many methods have been proposed for Big Data analysis, and many success applications have been witnessed, the extent of the Big Data Research is far away from being well defined. More importantly, there are deep gaps among data producers, method developers and potential users of the data and methods.

This proposal brings together researchers interested in data sciences to brainstorm about what is possible and what ought to be possible in Big Data research and applications. Statisticians, mathematicians, economists, computer scientists, doctors from famous hospitals, industry leaders as well as government officials will be invited to present their understandings and share their perspectives on Big Data.

Intended Outcomes:

We would like to achieve the following: (a) the articulation of a new international research agenda for theoretical and applied research on Big Data; (b) establishing Tsinghua as a center of Big Data research in China; (c) bringing together data producers, method developers and potential users so that they have a better grasp of each other's work.


Name University
Jun S. Liu Harvard University & Tsinghua University
Ke Deng Tsinghua University



Name Employer
Mingyao Ai Peking University
Min Chen Chinese Academy of Sciences
Songxi Chen Peking University
Jing Chen Rice University
Rong Chen Rutgers University
Qing Cui Tsinghua University
Ke Deng Tsinghua University
Wenxuan Deng Tsinghua University
Xiaodan Fan Hongkang Chinese University
Richard Freeman Harvard University
Wenyan Gong Tsinghua University
Yuqi Gu Tsinghua University
Yishun Han Tsinghua Data Science Research Institute
Zhuochong He University of Missouri
Chunlin Ji Guangqi Higher Institute of Technology
Wenjun Jiang Tsinghua University
Yingkai Jiang Tsinghua University
Peiyang Jin Tsinghua University
Bo Li Tsinghua University
Dong Li Tsinghua University
Qunhua Li Pennsylvania State University
Hongshan Li Tsinghua University
Qi Li Tsinghua University
Faming Liang University of Florida
Binghui Liu 150 Central Hospital of Jinan Military Region
Jun Liu Harvard University
Liping Liu Peking University
Weidong Liu SJTU
Zhongyu Liu Jinan Military region the 150th Central Hospital
Ping Ma University of Goergia
Cheng Meng Tsinghua University
Peter Qian University of Wisconsin Madison
Steve Z. Qin Emory University
Jiaming Qiu Tsinghua University
Han Simeng Analysis Group Inc.
Terry Speed UC Berkeley and WEHI of Australia
Maosong Sun Tsinghua University
Dongchu Sun University of Missouri
Rui Tuo Chinese Academy of Sciences
Xiaolong Wang Northwestern Polytechnical University
Lipei Wang Tsinghua University
Zidong Wang Tsinghua University
Jiangming Xiang Tsinghua University
Hongwei Xie NUDT
Changji Xu Tsinghua University
Kan Xu Tsinghua University
Lijian Yang Suzhou University
Yuchen Yang Tsinghua University
Yuan Yao Peking University
Yuling Yao Tsinghua University
Yuting Ye Tsinghua University
Jianxin Yin People's University
Junni Zhang Peking University
Hansheng Zhang Peking University
Xuegong Zhang Tsinghua University
Tingting Zhang University of Virginia
Lin Zhang Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications 
Wefeng Zhang Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Shuoping Zhang Tsinghua University
Xiaochen Zhang Tsinghua University
Xinshu Zhao Hong Kong Baptist University
Xiaoqi Zheng Shanghai Normal University
Wenxuan Zhong University of Goergia
Zaiying Zhou Tsinghua University
Ting Zhu Tsinghua University
Yao Zhu Tsinghua University
Wensheng Zhu Northeast Normal University



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