Recent advances in peaked solitons, negative flows, symmetries, and geometry of integrable systems

2021-01-04 ~ 2021-01-08 643

Synopsis: Integrable systems and solitons appear in many fields, including fluid mechanics, plasma physics, optics, and differential geometry, and have been undergoing tremen- dous developments over the past few decades. They are important components of ap- plied mathematics and nonlinear sciences with profound relations to nonlinear water wave equations, Lie algebra, PDEs analysis, symplectic geometry, and other branches of mathematics as well as significant applications in nonlinear optics, fluid dynamics, theoretical mechanics, theoretical physics and mathematical physics, and many other natural and social sciences. 
There has been much recent work on the study of nonlinear solitons models, especially ones that describe negative flows, peakons and cuspons, yet many interesting questions and problems remain to be solved. This workshop aims to bring the world-class top researchers as well as promising young mathematicians and theoretical physicists, and all career stages to the frontiers of the research in those areas so that all scientists share their recent results on various topics related to integrable systems, negative flows, peakons, cuspons, symmetries and geometry, and nonlinear soliton models and furthermore initiate new collaborations and cooperations for the participants. 

Organizers: Stephen Anco (Brock Univ), Zhijun Qiao (UT Rio Grande), Changzheng Qu (Ningbo Univ), Ruguang Zhou (Jiangsu Normal Univ)