Abelian varieties, Siegel modular forms and related topics

2020-02-10 ~ 2020-02-14 115

Synopsis and Organizers 

Siegel modular forms are of fundamental importance in number theory and algebraic geometry. The theory of Siegel modular forms generalizes the classical theory of modular forms on SL(2, Z) in that the group SL(2, Z) is replaced by the symplectic group SL(2g,Z) and the upper half plane by the Siegel upper half plane Hg. The elementary theory of elliptic modular forms is quite attractive due to many easily accessible examples based on basic function theory. However for the elementary theory of Siegel modular forms requires more geometry, for example, the compactifications of the quotient space Sp(2g,Z)\Hg. The goal of this workshop is to bring together international experts working on Siegel modular forms and (quantum) Abelian varieties for discussions and collaborations on this topic. Topics to be included are: Vector-valued modular forms and classical invariant theory, Differential equations for Siegel modular forms, Harder’s conjecture, Quantum Riemann Surfaces and Quantum Abelian Varieties.


 Jin Cao (Tsinghua), Babak Haghighat (Tsinghua), Hossein Movasati (IMPA), Shing Tung Yau (Harvard)