Numerical Ranges and Applications Workshop

2014-07-28 ~ 2014-08-01 943

Synopsis and Organizers

From the "Rayleigh quotients" used in 19th century Sturm-Liouville theory to the present-day applications in QIT (quantum information theory), the study of numerical ranges and numerical radii has a long and distinguished history. Currently, a great deal of active research is conducted by different research groups around the world. A subject search on "numerical range" alone using MathSciNet will return over 1000 items. Many recent Ph.D. theses have been devoted entirely or in part to this subject. There are monographs, special issues of research journals, and chapters of textbooks devoted to the subject. Research papers on the subject continually appear in mathematical journals. Talks on the subject are frequently presented in mathematical conferences. In short, the importance of this subject area in current mathematical research is undeniable.

A principal reason for this high level of activity lies in its relation and applicability to many different branches of pure and applied science, including operator theory, functional analysis C*-algebras, Banach algebras, indefinite inner product spaces, matrix norms and inequalities, numerical analysis, perturbation theory, matrix polynomials, multilinear algebra, systems theory, and quantum information science. Moreover, a wide range of mathematical tools including algebra, analysis, geometry, combinatorial theory, and computer programming come into play in this study.

In the early seventies, highly influential numerical range workshops were organized by Bonsall and Duncan. A modern series of workshops on the subject was initiated in 1992 at Williamsburg. These became widely known by the acronym WONRA (Workshop on Numerical Ranges and Applications). After 1992 the workshops were held biennially in different countries: at Coimbra, Portugal in 1994; at Sapporo, Japan in 1996; at Madison, USA in 1998; at Napflio, Greece in 2000; at Auburn, USA in 2002; at Coimbra, Portugal in 2004; at Bremen, Germany in 2006; at Williamsburg, USA in 2008; at Krakow, Poland in 2010; and most recently at Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2012.

We are pleased to hold WONRA2014 at Sanya.

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Name University
Shiu-Yuen Cheng Tsinghua University
Man-Duen Choi University of Toronto, Canada
Chi-Kwong Li College of William and Mary, USA
Jin-Chuan Hou Taiyuan University of Technology
Jie Xiao Tsinghua University


Tsuyoshi Ando Hokkaido University
Jor-Ting Chan University of Hong Kong
Chi-Tung Chang Feng Chia University, Taiwan
Wai-Shun Cheung University of Hong Kong
Mao-Ting Chien Soochow University, Taiwan
Man-Duen Choi University of Toronto
Jian-Lian Cui Tsinghua University
Hong-Ke Du Shaanxi Normal University
Run-Yao Duan University of Technology, Sydney
Ajda Fosner University of Primorska
Hwa-Long Gau National Central University
Guo-Jun Hai Inner Mongolia University
Jun-Hua He  UESTC
Kan He Taiyuan University of Technology
Jin-Chuan Hou Taiyuan University of Technology
Ze-Jun Huang Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hunan University 
Ri-Huan Ke Hong Kong Baptist University
Seung Hyeok Kye Seoul National University
Chi-Kwong Li College of William and Mary, USA
Qi-Ting Li Tsinghua University
Yuan Li Shaanxi Normal University
Ming-Hua Lin University of Victoria
Lei Liu Xidian University
Hiroshi Nakazato Hirosaki University
Abbas Salemi Parizi Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman
Diane Christine Pelejo College of William and Mary
Rajesh Jose Pereira University of Guelph
Sarah Joelle Plosker Brandon University
Edward Poon Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Yiu-Tung Poon Iowa State University
Xiao-Fei Qi Shanxi University
Jun-Li Shen Inner Mongolia University
Jian Shi Hebei University
Shi-Yu Shi Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Nung-Sing Sze Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Tin-Yau Tam Auburn University
Ming-Cheng Tsai National Sun Yat-sen University
Batzorig Undrah National University of Mongolia
Kuo-Zhong Wang National Chiao Tung University
Qing-Wen Wang Shanghai University
Ngai-Ching Wong National Sun Yat-sen University
Pei-Yuan Wu National Chiao Tung University
Fu-Zhen Zhang Nova Southeastern University
Xuan-Min Zhu Xidian University
Karol Zyczkowski Jagiellonian University