Professor Jean-Pierre Serre receives Tsinghua University's honorary doctor's degree

2017-9-23 01:13:30 1885

BEIJING, April 25Professor Jean-Pierre Serre, Emeritus Professor at the Collège de France in Paris, received an honorary doctor’s degree in the celebration of the 90th  Anniversary of Tsinghua University Mathematical Disciplines and the 106th  Anniversary of Tsinghua University. 




Tsinghua University President Yong QIU held cordial discussions with Professor Serre prior to the ceremony, highly rating the outstanding intellectual achievements Professor Serre has made which set a standard of excellence and merit the spirit of Tsinghua University.





Professor Serre is one of the great mathematicians of our time. He has made significant contributions to the progress of mathematics for over half a century, and continues to do so. Professor Serre has been playing a leading role in the development of topology, algebraic geometry and number theory, with his achievements being of extraordinary breadth, depth and influence. 

Professor Serre develops revolutionary algebraic methods for studying topology and has ushered in a golden age for algebraic geometry.His magnificent research and insight of number theory extends the mathematical ideas introduced by Abel and sets the stage for many recent celebrated breakthroughs including the proof by Wiles of Fermat´s Last Theorem.

Professor Serre received the Fields Medal in 1954 (the youngest recipient ever), the Wolf Prize in 2000 and the Abel Prize in 2003. Both Fields Medal and Abel Prize are highest honors for mathematicians. Professor Serre has been elected to national academies of France, United States and the Netherlands and he has been awarded honorary degrees from many world-class universities like Oxford University, Cambridge University and Harvard University.

During his visit at Tsinghua University, Professor Serre delivered four cutting-edge lectures attracting mathematicians all over the world as well as faculty and students on the campus.