TSIMF Employees Academic Lecture Series

2016-12-1 00:10:59 1666

On October 2015,the TSIMF Academic Lecture was held to improve the management and TSIMF staff’s abilities,to know more about each other, and to create a professional environment.This event was open for all full-time employees. Two interactive activities have already been held on Thursday afternoon. In the afternoon of October 29th, the theme of the first activity was "study in Tsinghua achievement report". The five colleagues who went back to Tsinghua University for developing their all-round skills have shown the result and experience of their study in Beijing with a report. Their report contained their impression, experience, and inspirations from Tsinghua, and so on. Gao Xuan, director of TSIMF, pointed out that the academic activities were very well done. if such event is maintained and hold regularly, it will become a force that propels the growth of TSIMF management team. 

The Second academic lecture was presented by Mr. Gao Xuan in the afternoon of November 5th. The title was "Tsinghua University and Tsinghua people". He was able to show the rich 100 years old history of Tsinghua as if a beautify painting, by relating to his extensive experience and understanding of the knowledge and records in the Tsinghua library. In this report, although Mr. Gao Xuan only talked about Tsinghua since its establishment to the liberation era.The rise and fall, the twist and turns of Tsinghua’s journey, as well as its thousands of unyielding students, will always be closely tied to the future of this country. For two hours, the glorious and shining figure of our forerunners continuously stirred the hearts of listeners. TSIMF is far away in Sanya, but the powerful effect of Tsinghua’s hundred years history will be an infinite source of inspiration for us forever.

                           (Offer: office  Writer:Xianying Wu )