Tsinghua’s first snow of 2016

2016-12-4 23:29:00 1422

Tsinghua’s first snow of 2016

2 am, November 22, 2016 - Tsinghua welcomed her first snow of 2016.

Although the first snow was not as heavy as what the weather forecast said, it nevertheless washed away all the other colors inside the campus. All you could see is white. The Auditorium, Tsinghua Xuetang, Second School Gate and other structures adorned in white and set against the dark night seemed to transform Tsinghua back to a black and white photo. The lotus pond, the naked branches and the statue of Mr. Zhu Ziqing (1898-1948, a renown Chinese poet and essayist) beside the pond all were dressed in white. The ginkgo leaves that could not weather out the snow fell and added some golden touch to the snowy grounds.

Life is short for the snow yet its soul is eternal. Every year and every winter, the cold comes in from the North, water vapor condenses into ice crystals and Mother Nature works her wonders and carved hexagonal formations into every crystal. Once it leaves the embrace of the heavy clouds, it begins a journey down to our world. Once it feels the touch of the sunlight, it melts, it becomes water vapors and then flies up into the sky...bringing with it all the sights, sounds and memories that it saw during the time spent on earth. Next winter, it will re-take this journey and bring back such memories for all to see.

The next day after the snow will be fine and when the sun rises, snow that sits on the side of the road will welcome the busy students on their bikes rushing to get to class and those who are studying quietly inside the library. It fell on the 8 characters that forms the School Motto then fades with the rising sunlight.

The story will not become ashes in time. Snow records it all and during one quiet night, it tells us everything.

Note: The author Jiang Peiyan is a 2015 undergraduate student from the School of Journalism and Communication.