Reception Hall

Tel: +86-898-38882828

Opening Hours: 24 hours



All visitors must register at the reception hall. All participants will receive conference booklets, room keys and name badges from the reception hall. Please take good care of your name badge. This is also your meal card and entrance ticket for all events.


Guest Room


Conference Center can receive about 378 people having both single and double rooms, and 42 family rooms.


All the rooms are equipped with: free Wi-Fi, TV, air conditioning and other utilities.


Family rooms are also equipped with kitchen and refrigerator.




The meals are provided by the restaurant located in Building 1 (B1). The menu includes Chinese cuisine and local specialties.


Opening Hours:

07:30am-08:30am  Breakfast

12:00pm-13:00pm Lunch

17:30pm-18:30pm Dinner


Please take notice that no service is available outside these hours. The other restaurants are outside the Forum and are more difficult to reach.


* This timetable is a general one. It might be changed during some of the conferences.



Opening Hours: 24 hours


The self-service laundry room is located in the Building 1 (B1), next to the shop.


Convenience Store

Opening Hours: 07:00am-23:30pm


The convenience store is located in Building 1 (B1), next to the laundry. The store sells snacks, beer, soft drinks, notepads, bathing suits and various other goods.



Opening Hours: 07:00am-23:00pm


The gym is located in the Building 1 (B1), opposite to the reception hall. The gym provides various fitness equipment, as well as pool tables, tennis tables and many others.




Opening Hours*: 07:00am-23:00pm


Playground is located on the east of the central gate. There you can play basketball, tennis and badminton.


* From the reception hall you can borrow the equipment for table tennis, basketball, tennis balls and badminton.


Swimming Pool


Opening Hours:   17:00pm-22:00pm


Please be advised that there are no lifeguards. We will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries.  However, in case of any injury or any other emergency please call the reception hall at +86-898-38882828. Also please be advised of the following regulation:


1. Pool hours must be followed.

2. Do not enter the swimming pool if you are suffering from skin sores, infections, mental illness or epilepsy.

3. Do not take any dangerous objects into the swimming pool.

4. Unaccompanied children are not allowed to enter the swimming pool.

5. Please take a shower before entering the pool.

6. Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times.

7. Please keep quite at all times.

8. Beginners should wear swimming rings when entering the swimming pool, and also stay away from the deep water areas.

9. If you feel unwell, please get out of the pool immediately.

10. No diving, running is allowed around the swimming pool.

11. Please keep the area clean.



Opening Hours: 09:00am-22:00pm

The library is located in the rooms A202 and A220 in Building A.